Directory Submission Service

Our directory submission service is an assured way of increasing your search engine ranking and driving targeted audience to your website. Choose through our plans and get the benefits it brings to your business.


  • Higher Ranking in search results
  • Website indexing
  • Increased click through traffic
  • Enhanced visibility
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Directory Submission Packages

At Ilogicx we understand that no two businesses can be alike. And at the same time we do not restrict our services to large organizations alone. Serving businesses of all magnitudes with equal enthusiasm and commitment has been our motto and that is what has put us at this pedestal now. We offer various flexible directory submission service packages to our clients to suit their directory submission needs and provide with the submission reports too at regular intervals of time. Ranging from Plan 100 through Plan 300, Plan 500, Plan 700 and Plan 1000 we offer great choice for our clients.

Get in touch with our experts to identify the right package that will benefit your business needs.

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SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
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SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
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SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
SEO Service in UK
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What is Directory Submission? :

Search engines have numerous criteria to determine a website`s rank for keywords and key-phrases and one such criterion is the links to the website too. A website`s page rank depends on the number of links that are directed towards the website. More the number of links directed to your website, higher will be the rank for the website in the major search results. Our directory submission service will help your website get as many valid links it can.

Incoming links play a pivotal role in deciding the page ranks too for a website and hence directory submissions have become the backbone of search engine optimization efforts for an online business enterprise. As we are in the business since quite a number of years we perfectly have an understanding of those web directories that are valued highly by the major search engines.

As having a website alone is not adequate to attract and reach target audience, it becomes imperative that the online business garners as many links from various sources, and from directories that are valued highly with search engines. Our professionals will first understand your requirements and then make manual submissions accordingly. An excellent link building strategy, it has proved to be one of the best techniques that aides search engine optimization for an online business enterprise.

Key Features Directory Submission Service :

  • 100% manual directory submission made to various directories that are search engine friendly. Our professionals are fully trained in following the submission guidelines of various directories.
  • Quality manual directory submission will bring your online business enterprise one-way inbound links that are theme based.
  • Our affordable manual directory submission service will definitely save a lot of your time, effort and energy. You may concentrate on other aspects of business as our professionals will handle the responsibility very deftly.
  • Our directory submission service includes manual directory submission to directories that have high page rank and are valued highly by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and ask.
  • Custom directory submission is what we offer to each individual client that comes to us for directory submission service.

FAQ About Directory Submission :

Why should I consider directory submission service for my business at all?

Having as many web links directed towards your website will make the search bots give your website a good page rank which will translate into an incessant flow of traffic to your website. Now, who would not like getting quality traffic to one`s website through the organic search results.

How long do you generally take for accomplishing the directory submission service for my business?

It all depends on the package you have chosen that will tell us the volume of submissions that are to be made. We submit you a report at regular intervals of time which will show you clearly the progress of work that we have undertaken.

Where will you submit my website links in general directories or in niche directories?

Frankly speaking, a combination of both would work perfectly for any business. There are niche directories too for specific industries and so basing on the niche to which your business belongs we will make appropriate manual directory submission under that category. Wherever we submit, we ensure that the directory is an established one with a high page rank so as to ensure a good rank for your page.

How many directories should I get my website submitted to?

Well, there is no fixed number as such. Go through our packages and identify one which suits your requirements and we will take care of the directory submission as per the package you have chosen. When we are building links to your website it has to be done over a period of time in order to get consistent and long term results. Making rushed submissions that is followed by no submissions at all will not give your website a good page rank. We will do it over a period of time in order to ensure increased traffic and enhanced visibility on the online platform in your specific niche.