Blog Marketing

A lot of successful businesspeople have concluded that you can't make a profit from a blog. Not exactly true. You can't sell directly from a blog article, because it's social media, and visitors don't expect to be jumped on by some pushy, aggressive salesperson.

But you can certainly build interactive relationships and social buzz with your blog, which is exactly the format that visitors expect. And you can build a productive global community from blogging relationships. Encourage them to sign up for your RSS feed. Provide an opt-in form, and they will click to subscribe to your newsletter. It's good strategy to sell products or services from your newsletter. Be subtle. Be helpful. Offer tips, tricks, techniques, tools, & support. But you can make money there.

And you have other ultimately profitable methods to optimize time spend on your blog. The first rule of business is to know your prospects. You can configure online surveys - just Google "Wordpress survey plug-in", and you can download and install a productivity-enhancing gizmo that'll set you up to easily conduct surveys. Encourage visitors to comment at the end of every post you make. Ask, What do you think? Some will tell you, and that's more feedback on needs & desires of prospects & customers. Be sure to keep a record of what they tell you.

Tell about the results you've had with some product you love, and ask for their experience with that or similar products. Your audience will react if you ask and provide the opportunity. The user-generated content in your blog can be a terrific source of research and excellent marketing ideas for you.