Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a really useful program that you can use hand in hand with your SEO efforts to get really useful information about the people that are visiting your website.

It is very easy to set up and you can sign up to Google Analytics for free, when sign up for Google analytics there is need to add our websites profile inn Google analytics account.Then we get Tracking codes first one is new tracking code and second one is legency tracking code then we add it code to our websites each & every page into the source code just before the

Once this has been done you will then be able to view valuable information and statistics about your website visitors and how they have arrived at your site and where they have come from. And how many visitors are coming to your website from which countries, states, you can also view daily, weekly, monthly, reports and send it to anyone in any format.

Google Analytics supplies this information in easy to follow charts, graphs and tables where you can look at different date ranges and compare results.

You can use all of these results to really fine tune your search engine optimization efforts. As you will be able to see exactly which methods you are using to get traffic to your site are getting the best numbers, you will be able to determine which is working best for you. When you have this information you can tweak, test and measure all of the SEO tactics you are using and make the right changes to drive more visitors to your website and ultimately get more customers in your business. Ilogicx will help you to get analytics report of your website and it will also promote your website to the search engines.