One Way Link Building

One cannot ignore the great importance of one-way link building in improving their link popularity and ranking in the search engines.

One-way links are more difficult to obtain traditional reciprocal links, but pay off in securing solid long-term search engine ranking results.

Why Are One-Way Links Helpful?

  • Link building in general is an important part of making sure your site ranks well in the search engines. Link popularity can be the part of evaluation of the web pages for Google and many other search engines. Links play an important role in improvement of the quality of the web page. Each individual page acquires link popularity based on the pages that link to it. Google and Yahoo both have toolbars showing the page rank of pages you visit, so you can use these tools to know about link popularity. Acquiring links pointing back to your website, particularly links from sites covering the same or related topics as your site is helpful in the overall scheme of search engine ranking.
  • The benefit of one way link building is that you do not have to be concerned about linking back to the other website. If your site has links pointing back to sites that serve as”free-for-all” sites, you may not gain, and could actually lose page rank. These sites are rarely focused and hence get no value to these links.
  • Another advantage to these focused, one-way links is that they will tend to stay in place. A website that features a link to your site probably does so because that site's owner thinks that their visitors will benefit from the content your site has to offer. Rather than simply trying to manipulate search results, they want to add to the experience of their visitors; you benefit from having a long term link in place. Sites featuring reciprocal links may simply drop your link when it no longer suits their linking strategy.

How Do I Obtain Natural Links?

The quality content can be helpful for visitors to link back to your website.
Methods for one-way linking:

  • Write original articles
  • Create a monthly newsletter
  • Business directories
  • Topical directories
  • Join online business associations
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • E-books

Submit articles, white papers, press releases, etc. to other websites that accept free content. Make sure you include a bio or information about your website with your submission, including a hypertext link back to your website. Archive your free content on your own website to build your website. Your visitors will appreciate the free information you provide.

Links validity depends on the following factors:

To gain the most benefit from your links, the link back to your web page should be one that can be followed by the search engine robots. Plain old text links and image links usually can be followed by the search engine robots. More exotic types of links, like JavaScript links, cannot typically be followed by the search engine robots. The types of links that serve your purposes best will generally provide their visitors with the best experience as well.

Check to see if the page where the link will be located can be found in the search engine results. You can search via the entire website or by individual page. Different search engines use different syntax in looking for individual pages and links; refer to the advanced search function for each search engine for details.

link building packages to offer.

High quality links from related websites.

Features of high quality links:

  • Links will be from related websites and not related pages.
  • Links will be places on mostly pages which don’t have many links
  • All the links will be on pages which are indexed in Google.

Features of low quality links:

  • Links will be from related pages.
  • These pages generally contain other links too.

Features common to both:

  • We will not use any kind of automated software to build links for your site.
  • No mass mailing or spamming, we contact the webmasters manually to exchange links.
  • As many titles (Anchor Texts) and descriptions as you like.
  • We can build links pointing to your home page as well as internal pages.