On Page Optimization

On-page Optimization is the process by which elements of a website are so designed such the website qualifies for a high ranking when specific keyword(s) or keyword phrases are typed.

On-page optimization refers to the improvement of both content and structure of the website so you can have better chances of improving your page rank.

The on-page optimization includes following elements.

  • Titles, Headings
  • Meta tags
  • Clean Design
  • Navigation
  • Content - Keywords
  • URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • File size
  • Site size
  • Domain name
  • Site age
  • Images - ALT
  • Outgoing links

Each of the above mentioned elements have their own set of rules that Google and other search engines like. So using them in the right way following their rule, ranking would definitely matter.

Some tips related to on page optimization:

Relevant content - Content you are writing about must be relevant to the keywords you are playing with. They must match with each other is the need of every search engine for ranking more than better.

Verification of HTML code-HTML code should be checked twice, you must validate it. This will allow listing all those errors you have made in your web pages and thus you will come to the best solution to solve those errors.