Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is also known as buzz marketing, its about word of mouth advertising. Like creating a buzz about your product and services. People misunderstand virus for viral in a way it suits cause just as virus spreads rapidly in the same way such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to millions of people on internet. This are one of the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing involves many things to attract the visitors like creating a small flash online game or video marketing. Its all about spending time and sharing things with others.

Ilogicx can help you grow your business in a proper way through viral marketing. Though is the most cost effective way to get your message across the globe, it is also one of the hardest to crack.

Here are the Elements of a Viral Marketing Strategy you get and what we use:

  • Gives away products or services : When we do SEO
  • Provides for effortless transfer to others : When we do submission
  • Scales easily from small to very large : Sales promotions
  • Exploits common motivations and behaviors : Link popularity and banner campaigns
  • Utilizes existing communication networks : contacting direct through email
  • Takes advantage of others' resources : Competitions.

We target on delivering the highest level of strategy. Cause we know how it works and can help you run foolproof campaign.